Achievements since we started our Project


Achievements since we started our Project : Since the start of our project on the 21st of October 2008 we have raised just over R300’000 – thank you to all the tourists and corporate institutions that have contributed to this wonderful amount over the last 5 years.

We have in the subsequent years spent the funds raised on the following;

Water & Electricity – R11’500, although the school gets a subsidy for Water and Electricity this unfortunately isn’t enough to cover the actual monthly accounts and due to the Smart Boards and Air-conditioning the school needed to upgrade their power supply from one phase to three phase power which is more costly and we assist them financially to cover these costs.

Achievements since we started our Project

Extra Salaries exceed R80’000.00 per year as we have appointed two extra teachers to assist with our classes, as we struggle with many learning disabilities, including many children with Fatal Alcohol Syndrome.  Therefore by making our classes smaller we are able to give a better quality of education to these children.  The Department of Education only allocates and pays for 3 teachers of which one must act as Principal.

This in a rural farm school facing so many learning challenges, it is just not sufficient.  We are now also embarking on a huge Fund Raiser to raise close to R250’000 required to add an additional Classroom and Teacher to further assist in improving our rather low Literacy and Numeracy Levels.  This is crucial in ensuring that these children will have an improved education and a fighting chance in becoming employed and empowered adults that will make a positive contribution to society.  The second reason is that should we not be able to increase these levels, our school will face closure within the next 5 years.  This is for no lack of sheer dedication from our teachers, who are passionate about these children and their futures.

Smart Boards – R33’187, as part of a Government Program called Khanya we installed 3 Smart Boards along with 3 Laptops and 3 Projectors at the school. This is basically an Electronic “Blackboard” except with the benefit that it comes with amazing educational software.

The boards are also interactive and the children can come and use thick plastic crayons and do their lessons on these boards.  For the school to qualify for the program, Khanya agreed to install two of the three boards with the understanding that we as the Project would purchase the third board and assist with all extra requirements including insurance – R6’200 annually.

Achievements since we started our Project

Rezoning – R19’104, the rezoning of the property finally was successful in July 2010 and at great expense has now been rezoned for the purpose of building a new school.  We are currently in the process of re-doing the building plans and the great challenge will be now to start raising the considerable capital required for this phase of our project.

With these many challenges in mind, we implore to everyone who would like to contribute, to please contact us.