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Newsletter September 2014

I would like to say a BIG THANK-YOU to all of you that have donated in the last few weeks, in particular we received a few big donations that I would like to single out in our Newsletter September 2014. (more…)

Thank-you for your Donation.

A big Thank-you to all of you that have donated towards our School Project.  We are at present still facing the huge challenge of raising constant funding.  We have certain monthly expenses in supporting and ensuring the development of Zeekoegat Primary School children and we need your help, please! (more…)

Life saving donation – It is seldom that we are as fortunate as we were on Friday 23 May 2014.  We received a Life saving donation  THANK-YOU John Brunton and his wife for their donation towards our school project.  It has come just in time, as our funds have dwindled to an all time low.  Your donation was extremely generous and only after looking at your cheque a couple of times did it actually sink in! (more…)

Thank-you to the Brunton’s and Hartman’s

Thank-you to the Brunton’s and Hartman’s for their visit on 23 May 2014 to Zeekoegat Primary School Project.  The group of 4 travelling with Jumbo Tours came to visit our school and donated beautifully handmade dress and boys shorts.  The group travelling from the United States brought many bags full of clothing and even a few Soccer Balls.  (more…)

Zeekoegat Primary School Project would like to say…Thank you for donations!

We received 3 donations in the last few days.  Our first thank you goes to Toke & Con from the Netherlands, they visited our school in April.  They donated an additional R5500.00 to our school project.  This was a wonderful surprise and funds are much needed at present and will make a difference for our children.  Thank you Toke & Con!

Thank you for donations to our Charity.  Please see our Facebook Page and give us a LIKE.


Charity Donation by Rotary Oudtshoorn

Rotary Oudtshoorn takes hands with Zeekoegat Primary

Rotary Club Oudtshoorn donated a 2200L Water Tank to Zeekoegat Primary School Trust.  This tank will now be the lifeblood for Zeekoegat Primary School’s Vegetable Garden.  Zeekoegat Primary School Trust, a Non-Profit Organisation that raises funds to support a small rural farm school.  This school is situated close to Safari Ostrich Farm.  We are extremely excited and grateful for this donation. The Charity Donation by Rotary Oudtshoorn is going to make a marked difference to this community. (more…)

Eyethrophy – 2014 – Zeekoegat Primary School Project : We at Safari are in the fortunate position of being involved with Zeekoegat Primary School Project and we are privileged to experience the good in people. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Jaco Kriek from Oudtshoorn Optometrists and the Union of Jewish Women, from Oudtshoorn. For making it possible for our 81 children at Zeekoegat Primary, to have their eyes tested at no charge by Jaco Kriek. This took up countless hours of Jaco’s time, which he so selflessly gave us. As a result he discovered 24 children that desperately needed reading glasses. Jaco Kriek provided these Reading Glasses at cost and the Union of Jewish Women paid for them. Now our children’s eyes are open and they can see all the possibilities lying ahead of them, life is no longer a blur. What a basic need to be able to see clearly but it was so far out of their reach before the Union of Jewish Women and Oudtshoorn Optometrists stepped in and reached out to our children at Zeekoegat Primary School.

Achievements since we started our Project : Since the start of our project on the 21st of October 2008 we have raised just over R300’000 – thank you to all the tourists and corporate institutions that have contributed to this wonderful amount over the last 5 years.

We have in the subsequent years spent the funds raised on the following;

Water & Electricity – R11’500, although the school gets a subsidy for Water and Electricity this unfortunately isn’t enough to cover the actual monthly accounts and due to the Smart Boards and Air-conditioning the school needed to upgrade their power supply from one phase to three phase power which is more costly and we assist them financially to cover these costs. (more…)