Constant Funding.


Thank-you for your Donation.

A big Thank-you to all of you that have donated towards our School Project.  We are at present still facing the huge challenge of raising constant funding.  We have certain monthly expenses in supporting and ensuring the development of Zeekoegat Primary School children and we need your help, please!To make it easier for our donators, I thought it best to break down what we are currently doing on a monthly basis and equate that back to an amount required.  We currently have Pre School =27 children, Grade R = 14 children and Grades 1-6 = 71 children = 112 Children in Total. 

The Department of Education currently allocates and funds 3 Teachers.  Our children come from underprivileged homes and there is immense poverty amongst the community that this school serves.  Our children come to school hungry and many have various learning disabilities, due to malnutrition.  Due to their circumstances many of these children don’t have sufficient clothing to come to school in, especially in Winter.

Monthly Projects Expenses are:

  1. Extra Teachers: We at present are employing 3 Extra Teachers and actually to be honest need at least 1 more = R15’000. and this pays really the bare minimum salary, as this is all that we can afford.
  2. Feeding Scheme: We are providing 112 Children – Breakfast and Lunch on a Shoe String Budget of R1. per portion.  224 Meals per day and 4928 Meals per month!  = R5000.
  3. Transport: Crucial as many children stay a minimum of 7km from the school and to ensure that they come to school safely, we collect them in our own Private Vehicles.  We desperately need to purchase 2 Mini Busses in order to alleviate the pressure on the teachers 4 vehicles that are transporting 66 cramped children daily.  The best priced Mini Bus is a Nissan NV350 at R339’000. each.  We would need roughly R10’000. per month to pay off 2 Busses over a 5 year period.

Our monthly costs therefore come to R30’000. per month or $3000. or E2140.or P1700.  

To break it down further, we need funding to the amount of a $1. per day per child to stay afloat. 

Extra Teachers.

Extra Teachers.

112 Children, we transport 66 children. Daily

112 Children, we transport 66 children.

Help feed our Children

Help feed our Children