Eyethrophy – 2014


Eyethrophy – 2014 – Zeekoegat Primary School Project : We at Safari are in the fortunate position of being involved with Zeekoegat Primary School Project and we are privileged to experience the good in people. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Jaco Kriek from Oudtshoorn Optometrists and the Union of Jewish Women, from Oudtshoorn. For making it possible for our 81 children at Zeekoegat Primary, to have their eyes tested at no charge by Jaco Kriek. This took up countless hours of Jaco’s time, which he so selflessly gave us. As a result he discovered 24 children that desperately needed reading glasses. Jaco Kriek provided these Reading Glasses at cost and the Union of Jewish Women paid for them. Now our children’s eyes are open and they can see all the possibilities lying ahead of them, life is no longer a blur. What a basic need to be able to see clearly but it was so far out of their reach before the Union of Jewish Women and Oudtshoorn Optometrists stepped in and reached out to our children at Zeekoegat Primary School.