Newsletter November 2014


Newsletter November 2014 

Another year is almost at an end…

2014 has been a year full of changes and challenges, we decided after 10 years running this project that we needed to relook our goals and face up to a few big challenges.  The project started as a personal project that was inspired by a Tour Guide Stephen Menzies.  Not too long into the project, the owners of Safari Ostrich Farm for whom I work, found out what I was spending my extra time on and were so impressed, that they decided to not only back me 100% and that Safari Ostrich Farm as a Private Company would adopt this project and give it the necessary support and exposure that it would need if we wanted to raise significant funds.  Safari Ostrich Farm’s owners feel strongly about Education and its importance in all our future’s and most importantly in these children’s futures.  Please read our Newsletter November 2014.

We have this year, revamped & re-launched our beautiful new Website: and we revamped our Project Room at Safari, all of the considerable costs setting this up, was covered by Safari Ostrich Farm. Therefore every cent donated to this project goes to the children and community that we support.

For the months of October and November our donations of a financial nature have been slow and we have raised R1775.00 but we had a donation of a whole different kind this month and it hails all the way from Venlo – Netherlands….

Amazing donation from The Netherlands

In the nearly 10 years that Zeekoegat Primary School Trust has been collecting funds to support this under-priviledged school, I have never received a Donation of this kind and size.  We have been desperately raising funds for a Computer Lab, as we see this as a crucial gab in these children’s education.  Computer Literacy is high up on our goal list and now thanks to the very hard and dedicated work of Jan & Mieke Pasmans, these children’s futures have already improved TEN FOLD!  Jan and Mieke Pasmans were part of a group of Tourists that travelled in South Africa with the founder of our Project – Steve Menzies.

Thank you for Donation for our Charity.

Thank you for Donation for our Charity.

The group that visited the school in March of this year were also part of the group that was filmed for our Website/Project Room Revamp and they enjoyed their visit at the school tremendously, that is when a dream was born in two members of the group, Jan & Mieke Pasmans.  Promising nothing they left to go back home and set out on collecting 29 Computers for our little impoverished Rural Farm School.  In end October 34 boxes arrived at Cape Town Harbour and via our couriers, First Light, those boxes got brought to us in Oudtshoorn.  Not only were these boxes filled with 29 Computers with all their accessories but also Educational Games, Toys, Clothes and too many things to mention.

As one of the Trustee’s, I must say that there are simply no words that are adequate enough to express our thanks to the Pasmans and their friends from The Netherlands for their generous donation and the hard work and effort that they put in, in order to achieve this HUGE donation.

New computers for the school. – Written by Jan & Mieke Pasmans

In March of this year we have had a fantastic round trip of 23 days in the beautiful South Africa.  During this trip we also visited the school Zeekoegat Primary, Oudtshoorn.  We met Vanessa Engelbrecht, who helps coordinate the private funds raised. We were very impressed with what was done for the children and with nearly no money.

We asked our tour guide Steve Menzies what the school needs besides money.  Steve told me that the school needed computers and this would be a huge step forward for the children.  We didn’t promise anything, but said we would try and see what we can do to help.  Back in the Netherlands, we went looking for computers. We asked all of our friends, but also we visited schools and asked, if they have old computers for our school in Oudtshoorn.

After 2 months we had 29 computers and 2 printers, we were lucky to find someone who would be kind enough to transport the 34 boxes to South Africa.  In early September the 34 boxes of computers, toys and clothes were brought to the boat in Rotterdam to be shipped for Cape Town in South Africa.   We hope that we have done something for the future of the children and hope that this can contribute to the welfare of the school and children.

 We also want to thank the people who helped to make this possible. Those are:

-The School Kerobei for the Computers

-Transvenlo BV that arranged the transport

-Jasper Laman Dozenhal who supplied the boxes and

-Our friends who have helped.

 Jan and Mieke Pasmans



Thank-you to one and all of you that have donated towards our project and I would like to encourage everyone reading this to Please keep Donating.

Keep following us on our Website and Facebook and see how our Project develops and hopefully keeps growing.