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Zeekoegat School Project – 2016

Donations 2015-2016                                                                                                  R162’703

Social Services Grant                                                                                                 R91’080

Interest Received                                                                                                        R759

Total Income:                                                                                                            R254’542

Accounting Fees                                                                                                          R2’394

Assets (Photocopier)                                                                                                   R8’929

Bank Charges                                                                                                              R3’226

Cleaning Materials                                                                                                     R1’814

Depreciation                                                                                                               R1’824

Employees Costs – Teachers                                                                                      R96’352

Entertainment – Year End Functions                                                                          R3’717

Feeding Scheme – 132 children                                                                                 R34’815

Repairs & Maintenance                                                                                              R27’665

Printing & Stationary                                                                                                  R2’928

Security (Armed Response)                                                                                        R4’005

Sport & Recreation                                                                                                     R18’509

General Expenses                                                                                                       R8’948

Total Expenses:                                                                                                          R215’126

Therefore with our donations in view we have managed to operate within and have saved R39’416 which will help with the year to come expenses.

Our next Audit will take place in February 2017 and we will be starting the school year with a Bank Balance of R43’723 + Social Grant R91’080 = R134’803 and a balance to be raised of approximately R80’000 to cut even with our expenses on average.

Our expenses at present are running at approximately R12’000-R15’000 per month of which the largest portion is Teacher Salaries = R9’500 per month for 3 additional teachers.

Scarves for Oudtshoorn

Louisa Lewie personally knitted 60 of the 120 scarves along with local ladies from Oudtshoorn.  This project was spearheaded by Ida Lipschitz – Co-owner of Safari Ostrich Farm.

These mostly retired ladies in the Oudtshoorn Community spent the whole summer feverishly knitting away for less fortunate children.  They have been knitting for years now for various needy children and send consignments of Jerseys, Beanies, Blankets and Dolls all over South Africa.  We are very grateful that they chose to again Zeekoegat Primary & Play School with much needed scarves.

A big Thank-you for African Eagle Canadian Group that gave us boxes of Stationary, toys, hair items and so much more! The children were thrilled and will enjoy colouring in with all their new pencils and crayons.

A wonderful Mandela Day thanks to Jaco & Angie van Zyl and their staff from Ocean Basket Oudtshoorn that brought food for all 130 children at our School.

Thank you to all our Benefactors for their donations to our Zeekoegat Project.  We have been blessed with wonderful donations.  Our children are doing so well when we started our project 9 years ago, we had an average pass rate of barely 40% now we are well over the 80%. This is largely thanks to your donations which allow for extra teachers and educational materials.

Goals for 2017

  1. Extra Remedial Teacher for Primary School – we require funding to the value of R48’000.00 for the year ahead. (R4000. Monthly a minimal salary)
  2. Vegetable Garden/s – we want to plant our new Vegetable Garden for Playschool and would like to put existing Vegetable Garden in a tunnel
  3. Kitchen/Office and Bathrooms & Kitchen Equipment required for De Zeekoe Play School, we have gotten first quote for 6m x 6m and the cost is R70’000
  4. Upgrade School’s power to allow for Computer Classes – R19’000
  5. Eye Tests for children–cost of Reading Glasses–approach organisations to assist.
  6. Feeding Scheme – continue to provide Healthy Balanced Meals for all the children
  7. Health Care – Vitamin Supplements required to assist in improving Health and Wellbeing of our children – malnutrition a problem
  8. Music Program and Facilities – music is proven to stimulate the brain
  9. Repair and Maintenance to Buildings – Paint, Cement work, etc


To all our benefactors that have donated towards our project we would like to say THANK YOU, all your donations make a difference daily in the lives of these children, we look forward to 2017 and will work hard to achieve our goals and add to them if we have the means to do so.


Vanessa Engelbrecht

Zeekoegat Primary School Trust


Zeekoegat Project 

NPO 093-185

Zeekoegat Primary School Trust raises funds privately to support a small previously disadvantaged Primary & Pre-School School in Oudtshoorn – Western Cape – South Africa.  Located 7km on outskirts of Oudtshoorn on-route to Safari Ostrich Show Farm.

Zeekoegat Primary School


Zeekoegat Primary School Trust – Annual Report February 2015

With the Zeekoegat Primary School Project we strive to change the lives of disadvantaged children from the farming district of Welgeluk and Volmoed – Oudtshoorn – Western Cape – South Africa.

The support financially that Zeekoegat Primary receives from Government to run a school, just simply is not enough and we face many challenges due to poverty within these farming communities.  

Financial Standing – Donations vs Expenditure

 Annual Report February 2015

 Our Project Room at Safari Ostrich Farm has helped us in raising R149’806.85 for March 2014 – February 2015

To each and every client and company that donated to our project, Thank-you.

 Our expenses for this period has been R177’811.95 and we therefore had to dip into our savings with an additional R27’337.84


Zeekoegat Primary School Project would like to say…Thank you for donations!

We received 3 donations in the last few days.  Our first thank you goes to Toke & Con from the Netherlands, they visited our school in April.  They donated an additional R5500.00 to our school project.  This was a wonderful surprise and funds are much needed at present and will make a difference for our children.  Thank you Toke & Con!

Thank you for donations to our Charity.  Please see our Facebook Page and give us a LIKE.


Charity Donation by Rotary Oudtshoorn

Rotary Oudtshoorn takes hands with Zeekoegat Primary

Rotary Club Oudtshoorn donated a 2200L Water Tank to Zeekoegat Primary School Trust.  This tank will now be the lifeblood for Zeekoegat Primary School’s Vegetable Garden.  Zeekoegat Primary School Trust, a Non-Profit Organisation that raises funds to support a small rural farm school.  This school is situated close to Safari Ostrich Farm.  We are extremely excited and grateful for this donation. The Charity Donation by Rotary Oudtshoorn is going to make a marked difference to this community. (more…)