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Zeekoegat Play School Jungle Gym

Great excitement this week when Zeekoegat Play School Jungle Gym was installed.  The children watched wide eyed as the Jungle Gym was put together and could barely wait to get a chance to try it out. (more…)

Life saving donation – It is seldom that we are as fortunate as we were on Friday 23 May 2014.  We received a Life saving donation  THANK-YOU John Brunton and his wife for their donation towards our school project.  It has come just in time, as our funds have dwindled to an all time low.  Your donation was extremely generous and only after looking at your cheque a couple of times did it actually sink in! (more…)

Thank-you to the Brunton’s and Hartman’s

Thank-you to the Brunton’s and Hartman’s for their visit on 23 May 2014 to Zeekoegat Primary School Project.  The group of 4 travelling with Jumbo Tours came to visit our school and donated beautifully handmade dress and boys shorts.  The group travelling from the United States brought many bags full of clothing and even a few Soccer Balls.  (more…)