Thank you for donations!


Zeekoegat Primary School Project would like to say…Thank you for donations!

We received 3 donations in the last few days.  Our first thank you goes to Toke & Con from the Netherlands, they visited our school in April.  They donated an additional R5500.00 to our school project.  This was a wonderful surprise and funds are much needed at present and will make a difference for our children.  Thank you Toke & Con!

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Secondly to Master Maths Oudtshoorn, wow you are amazing for donating R3000.00 to our project.  Suzaan, thank you this money will be well spent on improving our children’s education.

Thirdly, thank you to 2 young ladies from Germany for coming all the way to South Africa with some of their prized toys.  Lilly and Lene both starting school (Grade 1) next year, opened their hearts and donated their toys to our playschool.  Thank you to their parents Melanie and Nils, this was a beautiful gesture.  It is our responsibility as parents, to teach our children the value of giving to others.  We started the year of 2014 with 41 toddlers and they had nothing!  I have two children 8 and 3 years and I gave them the task of finding 10 toys each that they don’t play with.  I took them with to the school and they handed it out themselves.  They enjoyed the experience so much that they didn’t want to leave.  No matter how big or small your donation, rest assured that it changes a child’s life.

Thank you for donations!

Zeekoegat - Toddlers loving their Toys.

Zeekoegat – Toddlers loving their Toys.