Thank-you to the Brunton’s and Hartman’s


Thank-you to the Brunton’s and Hartman’s

Thank-you to the Brunton’s and Hartman’s for their visit on 23 May 2014 to Zeekoegat Primary School Project.  The group of 4 travelling with Jumbo Tours came to visit our school and donated beautifully handmade dress and boys shorts.  The group travelling from the United States brought many bags full of clothing and even a few Soccer Balls. 

Thank-you to the Brunton's & Hartman's

Thank-you to the Brunton’s & Hartman’s

Our school is located just on the outskirts of Oudtshoorn, which is a small farming town in the Klein Karoo – South Africa.  The school provides education to 112 children and caters for a Playschool (6 months – 5/6 years) and then also a Primary School – Grade R to Grade 6.  This is a rural farm school that gets limited funding from the Government and provides education to children from an underprivileged community.  We as Safari Ostrich Show Farm along with other concerned members of the Tourism as well as Farming Community started the Zeekoegat Primary School Trust in 2008.  We collectively raise private funding in order to support this school and it’s community.  We believe that the best chance that South Africa has to tackle unemployment and poverty is through educating our children.  This applies to all our children but especially to those that don’t get Breakfast in the mornings and warm whole Uniforms to wear or Shoes on their feet to walk the 14km daily to school and back.  Thanks to people such as Mr & Mrs Brunton and Mr & Mrs Hartman from the USA who donate and support our project, we are able to uplift these children.

Thank-you to the Brunton’s and Hartman’s for the donation and support and hope that you will feel pride in seeing this project grow from strength to strength, which you have now become part of through your donation.  The girls were all very excited about the dresses and the boys clapped hands for them.  We plan to take a group photo in next week.