Thank-you, YOU made a difference!


Thank-you, YOU made a difference!

With another financial year done and dusted for Zeekoegat Primary School Project, I want to take a moment and say Thank you, YOU made a difference!

In my previous newsletter I explained what we were able to raise financially for the year 01 March 2014 till 28 February 2015 and I went on to breakdown for you how we allocated those funds.  The most important role that we as the Trust play is to improve the children’s Education, so 63% of our funds are spent on additional educators.  Our Feeding Scheme is also crucial as a Hungry & Mal-nourished child can’t learn, 13% is spent on ensuring balanced healthy meals.  The rest can be broken down into the following:

Maintenance of Buildings = 9%

Educational Material = 4%

Banking Fees = 4%

Transport of Pre-School Children = 4%

School Functions = 2%

Admin Postages = 0.5%

Jan & Mieke Pasmans Donation - Thank-you!

Thank-you, YOU made a difference!

You have contributed to the improvement of 112 children’s education and their general health and well-being.  Our yearly Educational Assessments have improved and with a Brand new Pre-school we will ensure that these children get a much better start to their educations.  Thus exponentially, improving their chances of becoming employed law abiding citizens.

To each and every benefactor that donated both our private and corporate benefactors, we can only extend our heartfelt appreciation for placing your trust in us to make a difference in these children’s lives.  Without you, none of our achievements would have been possible!

Thank-you, YOU made a difference!

We are excited about the year ahead and have big goals still to achieve.  We require continual funding on a monthly basis, in order to effectively support this school and its’ children.  The biggest part of this is R15’000.per month ($1250.) required to pay our additional educators.  We would like to do Winter School Uniforms for 2015 which will cost us R30’000. ($2500). We also need to do Maintenance and Improvements to our School & Pre-School that will cost R31’374. ($2615)

We are also at present transporting 64 children to school daily, as they stay as far as 7km from the school.  We would love to be able to afford a Small Bus/Sprinter = R350’000. ($29’166.)  We hope that going forward we will be able to raise the funds we require and I would like to appeal to you to consider our project on an ongoing basis.

YOU can make a difference!

Vanessa Engelbrecht – Trustee