Zeekoegat Play School Jungle Gym


Zeekoegat Play School Jungle Gym

Great excitement this week when Zeekoegat Play School Jungle Gym was installed.  The children watched wide eyed as the Jungle Gym was put together and could barely wait to get a chance to try it out.

Thanks to the NDA for assisting us with this donation, it is greatly appreciated, The National Development Agency assisted our newly formed play school by paying for a Jungle Gym as well as the installation thereof.  The children are now able to spend quality time outside and can further develop their large motor skills on this Jungle Gym.  Our play school which we started in March 2014, had absolutely nothing and we had to buy and ask for donations to get together what we needed.  Mega Plastics in Oudtshoorn, were kind enough to donate Tables, chairs and various other educational toys, this helped tremendously!


Brand New Jungle GYm

Brand New Jungle Gym, thank-you for the donation!

We are now fast approaching Winter and would like to appeal to our Benefactors that have supported us financially to please consider us again.  We need to purchase Mattresses and Blankets for nap time for 29 toddlers, there is also a great need for jerseys as well.  We also need to do some much needed Maintenance to the building, this includes Water Proofing, Painting, Fixing walkways into the classes.  The cost for this work is R12’990.90 and we at present are not able to go ahead, as our funding is just too tight at present.  So please we would like to ask for your help in raising enough funds to go ahead and do the Maintenance before the Winter rains set in.  For those of you that might have old toys, books and stationary it would be greatly appreciated.

A good Pre-school education is extremely important in giving children a solid education base to work from and it ensures that children coming into the Primary School system are ready and are able to cope.

De Kleine Zeekoe Play School

De Kleine Zeekoe Play School – Johnty Rhodes Swiegelaar

Thank-you for your support.