Newsletter November 2014 

Another year is almost at an end…

2014 has been a year full of changes and challenges, we decided after 10 years running this project that we needed to relook our goals and face up to a few big challenges.  The project started as a personal project that was inspired by a Tour Guide Stephen Menzies.  Not too long into the project, the owners of Safari Ostrich Farm for whom I work, found out what I was spending my extra time on and were so impressed, that they decided to not only back me 100% and that Safari Ostrich Farm as a Private Company would adopt this project and give it the necessary support and exposure that it would need if we wanted to raise significant funds.  Safari Ostrich Farm’s owners feel strongly about Education and its importance in all our future’s and most importantly in these children’s futures.  Please read our Newsletter November 2014. (more…)


Newsletter September 2014

I would like to say a BIG THANK-YOU to all of you that have donated in the last few weeks, in particular we received a few big donations that I would like to single out in our Newsletter September 2014. (more…)


Thank-you for your Donation.

A big Thank-you to all of you that have donated towards our School Project.  We are at present still facing the huge challenge of raising constant funding.  We have certain monthly expenses in supporting and ensuring the development of Zeekoegat Primary School children and we need your help, please! (more…)


Life saving donation – It is seldom that we are as fortunate as we were on Friday 23 May 2014.  We received a Life saving donation  THANK-YOU John Brunton and his wife for their donation towards our school project.  It has come just in time, as our funds have dwindled to an all time low.  Your donation was extremely generous and only after looking at your cheque a couple of times did it actually sink in! (more…)


Thank-you to the Brunton’s and Hartman’s

Thank-you to the Brunton’s and Hartman’s for their visit on 23 May 2014 to Zeekoegat Primary School Project.  The group of 4 travelling with Jumbo Tours came to visit our school and donated beautifully handmade dress and boys shorts.  The group travelling from the United States brought many bags full of clothing and even a few Soccer Balls.  (more…)