Zeekoegat Primary School Trust – September 2015


Zeekoegat Primary School Trust – September 2015 

Zeekoegat is a charity organisation set-up to help change the lives of dis-advantaged children from the farming district of Welgeluk and Volmoed – Oudtshoorn – Western Cape – South Africa.

The support financially that Zeekoegat Primary receives from Government to run a Primary & Play School, just simply is not enough and we face many challenges due to poverty within these farming communities.  We as the Trust are there to bridge the financial gab between the funding from the Government and what is actually required to run a good school.

A donation made in memory of Alvin Brattli's mother Haldis Brattli (1929-2012)

A donation made in memory of Alvin Brattli’s mother Haldis Brattli (1929-2012)


We are grateful to share that we are hopefully going to receive a Government Subsidy from next year of R15.00 per child per day for our 23 Preschoolers and this will definitely bring some relief to our financial burden.

Your donations are being used on the following important needs: 

  1. Additional Teachers – 2 at present for the preschool & hopefully 1 at the Primary School for 2016
  2. Feeding Scheme – Breakfast & Lunch for 124 children daily
  3. A Safe Play Area for our Preschoolers
  4. Education Material to assist teachers

    Our new Jungle Gym at De Zeekoe Play School

    Our new Jungle Gym at De Zeekoe Play School

Goals for 2015/2016

We still need to continue with the above needs and there are a few more that we would like to achieve:

  • Kitchen for Preschool is very important
  • Maintenance to Pre-School Building is needed
  • Computer Software for Educational Purposes
  • Health Care and Supplements Vitamin B,C and Choline
  • School Bus to Transport our children to School


Buy a Brick and Help us build our School

The continued success and future for these children lays in the hands of you our benefactors.  If you want to make a tangible difference to a child’s life and contribute to a brighter and better future, you can believe that a donation to assist our fund will achieve exactly that. For every donation received we issue an Invoice and Certificate of Appreciation and we are a registered Non Profit 093-185-NPO. Our books are audited and available on request.

Stickers are placed on our boards in the Project Room at Safari Ostrich Farm for all to appreciate.  If there is a specific area to which you wish to have your donation contributed to, please feel free to contact me in that regard. 

R100.00               Red Brick

R500.00               Silver Brick

R1000.00             Gold Brick

R5000.00             Platinum Brick

R5000.00 +          Brass Plaque

Bank Details

Account Name:           Zeekoegat Primary School Trust

Bank Name:                First National Bank

Account Code:            622 026 605 37

Branch Code:              210 414

Account Type:            Call Account

Swift Code:                FIRNZAJJ (International Deposits)

Bank Address:            132 High Street, Oudtshoorn, 6620 – South Africa