Zeekoegat Primary School Trust started in 2008 comprising of concerned members of the farming and tourism community including Safari Ostrich Show Farm.  At Safari Ostrich Show Farm we have a Project Room that showcases the entire project and its development and allows us to raise money from National and International Tourists.  However as the recession has hit many European Countries and now is hitting South Africa, funding has dried up.

Zeekoegat Primary School Trust

Zeekoegat Primary School Trust has over the years been assisting the school with the short fall between what they need to run this school and what the Department of Education is able to provide. After 5 years it has become clear that there is just not enough money or resources available to schools in SA, let alone poor rural schools.

The Zeekoegat Primary School Trust was set up and registered in 2008 by Duvenage, Keyser & Jonck Attorneys. Our Trust consist of the teachers of our school and the 5 members below :

  • Safari Ostrich Show Farm – Vanessa Engelbrecht
  • De Zeekoe Guest Farm – Paula & Hendrik Potgieter
  • Welgeluk Farm – Engela & Ockie Olivier
  • Tour Guide – Stephen Menzies

As a Rural Farm School that has been educating local farm children since 1938, the school houses just less than 100 children from Grade 1 to Grade 6 and also has a small Grade R Group & toddlers. For some of the children the walk to school is a 14 km walk daily, yet school is their safe environment where they get cooked meals and are able to learn.

Zeekoegat Primary School Children

The old School building is in a very bad condition and declared Structurally Unsafe.  Therefore we have 3 Mobile Prefab classrooms for the six grades and we erected a Steel Structure for the Grade R & Play School.  These 3 Mobile Classes however don’t meet our need for splitting our 7 Grades and play school. – 8 Classes and Teachers required.

Zeekoegat Primary School Trust

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) provides the school with limited funding.

Therefore we as the Trust help the school financially to bridge the gap of limited funding.

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