Zeekoegat Project Constitution



28 November 2014 – Amended for NPO 093-185

The purpose of our Trust is to build a new school for Zeekoegat Primary and The Little Hippo Play School and work on a holistic Social Upliftment Program.  We intend doing this with the approval and backing of the Western Cape Department of Education and the NDA & DSD.  We will be launching various Fund Raising Initiatives over the next few years and indefinitely, in order to build a new school and provide for basic needs of the children and community.  We amend the Zeekoegat Project Constitution to include our new Play School: The Little Hippo Play School/Die Kleine Zeekoe Speel Skool.

We have formed a Trust which is made up of four business owners in the Welgeluk District and one Tourist Guide and owner of a Tour Company.

Hendrik Potgieter & Paula Potgieter from De Zeekoe Guesthouse and Farm

Engela Olivier from Welgeluk Farm

Vanessa Engelbrecht from Safari Ostrich Show Farm cc

Stephen Menzies from Sam 2 Tour and Registered Tourguide


The beneficiary is Zeekoegat Primary School and The Little Hippo Play School – Die Kleine Zeekoe Speel Skool. 

Education is the Future.

Education is the Future.


We intend to raise funds required to run this project privately as well as applying for assistance from the Western Cape Education Department, NDA & DSD.  We have appointed Auditors Acker & Malhoney to control our financial records, so as to ensure that 99% of all funds that are raised go to the project and 1% to overheads.  The spending of finances raised will require a majority vote by the members of the Trust, at least 3 of the five members.


The asset of the Trust being the property and proposed new school buildings will be sold to the Western Cape Education Department, should they accept our proposal.  Failing this we will reassess this section of our constitution.

Meetings will be held once a month with attendance of at least three of the five members.  Additional members need to be voted in by at least three of the five members and should any member wish to resign a minimum of one months notice must be given.  Decisions will be made by majority vote and implementation and roles of each member will remain flexible and be decided as the project evolves.  All members of the Trust are accountable to one another and any major decisions made will be done after all members are informed and in agreement with a minimum vote of three of the five members.


We are going to keep this a simple as possible and not tie ourselves up with unnecessary rules and regulations; the objective is to achieve our goals as quickly and effectively as possible with always keeping the best interests of these children and community at heart.


Please note that there are no changes to our Trust Members and everything remains in place as per our initial registration.



Thank-you and kind regards



Vanessa Engelbrecht

email: safariostrich@gmail.com