Zeekoegat Project Vision for 2016


Zeekoegat Project Vision for 2016

NPO 193-185

Zeekoegat Trust is now going into its 9th Year of existence and we find ourselves yet again taking stock of what our Project has achieved, and more importantly, how can we improve, how can we achieve more for the children of the Welgeluk and Volmoed Farming Communities.

We support a local Rural Farm School and Playschool – Zeekoegat Primary and De Kleine Zeekoe. We started this project because we think that Education is one of the most important ways in which to improve the future of underprivileged children. We at Safari Ostrich Farm firmly believe in giving back to the Community within which our business operates.
Thank-you to all our Benefactors that supported our Project in the last year, every single cent is appreciated and used as best we can. We are approaching the end of our Financial Year in February and will then give you a Report back as to how much we were able to raise and how we spent your precious donations.

Goals for 2016

1. Extra Teacher for Primary School – we require funding to the value of R48’000.00 for the year ahead. (R4000.00 per month a minimal salary)
2. Vegetable Garden/s – we want to improve and extend our current Vegetable Garden and create another one for the Playschool’s needs
3. Fencing required for securing Vegetable Garden – +- R10’000.00
4. Kitchen & Equipment required for De Zeekoe Playschool – Still investigating Cost Effective Options
5. Eye Tests for children – cost of Reading Glasses – approach organisations to assist.
6. Feeding Scheme – continue to provide Healthy Balanced Meals for all the children
7. Health Care – Vitamin Supplements required to assist in improving Health and Wellbeing of our children – malnutrition a problem
8. Music Program and Facilities – music is proven to stimulate the brain
9. Computer Classes – We have the computers just need to finish Set-up
10. Repair and Maintenance to Buildings – Paint, Cement work, etc

Education is the Future.

Education is the Future.


Buy a Brick and Help us provide Better Education
The continued success and future for these children lays in the hands of you our benefactors. If you want to make a tangible difference to a child’s life and contribute to a brighter and better future, you can believe that a donation to assist our fund will achieve exactly that.
For every donation received we issue an Invoice and Certificate of Appreciation and we are a registered Non Profit 093-185-NPO. Our books are audited and available on request.

Auditors -Acker & Maloney ING – Chartered Accountants (SA)
Jacobus Maloney – GR (SA) / CA (SA) – Cell: 083 462 0519
82 Church Street/PO Box 1748, Oudtshoorn, 6620
Tel: 044 272 2254 / Fax: 044 272 2685 – Email: ackerodn@mweb.co.za

We have structured the donations in the form of, Buy a Brick.

Name: Fox Tours GT
Country: The Netherlands
Date: 23 October 2015

These Stickers are placed on our boards in the Project Room at Safari Ostrich Farm for all to appreciate. If there is a specific area to which you wish to have your donation contributed to, please feel free to contact me in that regard.

R100.00 Red Brick
R500.00 Silver Brick
R1000.00 Gold Brick
R5000.00 Platinum Brick
R5000.00 + Brass Plaque

Bank Details
Account Name: Zeekoegat Primary School Trust
Bank Name: First National Bank
Account Code: 622 026 605 37
Branch Code: 210 414
Account Type: Call Account
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ (International Deposits)
Bank Address: 132 High Street, Oudtshoorn, 6620 – South Africa

You can make a donation through our website.
Follow us on Facebook and please post/share your pictures and thoughts on our project. https://www.facebook.com/zeekoegatprimaryschooltrust

Contact Details
Vanessa Engelbrecht – Trustee & Manager at Safari Ostrich Farm
Email: safariostrich@gmail.com
Website: www.zeekoegatschoolproject.org.za
Tel: +27 (0) 44 272 7311 or Fax: +27 (0) 44 272 5896

Paula Potgieter – Trustee & Owner at De Zeekoe Guest House
Email: info@dezeekoe.co.za
Website: www.dezeekoe.co.za
Tel: 044 272 6721

Stephen Menzies – Founder – Two Oceans Tours & Trustee
Email: sam2tour@iafrica.com
Website: www.two-oceans-tours.co.za