Zeekoegat Review 2018


Zeekoegat Review 2018

Zeekoegat Primary School Trust

Donations to Feeding Scheme

Donations to Feeding Scheme

Food Donations to our Feeding Scheme – First National Bank – Oudtshoorn

To all our benefactors for their donations and continued support, thank-you! Our Teachers, learners and Zeekoegat Trust appreciate every single donation, with your continued support we will continue to strive for better education for our rural farm children.

Education starts with our toddlers.

Education starts with our toddlers.

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

10 January 2018 – Zeekoegat School Project Review

As a Non- Profit Organisation, Zeekoegat Primary School Trust NPO 093-185, we raise funds privately in order to financially assist our rural farm school to continually improve the quality of education to our approximately 120 children at Zeekoegat Primary and Playschool.

Over the last 3 years we have found that funding is dwindling year on year and costs unfortunately remain increasing. Our funding from 2016 to 2017 decreased by 36%.

Therefore 2018/2019 our main challenge will be to work much harder at fund raising and in addition to that we will seriously need to relook our fixed monthly costs – see last page for financial analysis of 2017.

Looking at the financial expenses, our greatest expense is salaries – we as the Trust have 3 additional teachers that we employ so as to improve the level of education that the children receive.

This expense of R117’208.00 per year is more than crucial, as we are seeing hugely improved educational outcomes in our primary school learners. Our Pre-school is also essential so as to ensure that children that enter Zeekoegat Primary are school ready and it ensures a much better educational start for our learners.

Our Feeding Scheme too is essential in ensuring that all our children receive a meal at school and more importantly a healthy and balanced meal, twice daily. We spend R22’977.00 per year on this aspect.

Transport is another great expense, many of our children stay 5-7km from the school and we transport these learners daily, the cost per year amounts to R24’000.00.

Therefore these 3 crucial aspects of our project adds up to 71% of all our expenses = R164’185.00 of total of R231’824.00

Please see full financial breakdown on last page as per our Audited Financials of 2016/2017, full financials are available on our website: www.zeekoegatschoolproject.org.za

Goals for 2018-2019

  • Education – Our need for extra private remedial teachers needs to be first priority – as far as funding is concerned
  • Educational materials/programs to assist in improving learning
  • Additional Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities need to be sourced
  • Upgrade of Eskom Power Supply to accommodate Computer Labs R18’000 required
  • Feeding Scheme – source additional donations to subsidise our costs
  • Vitamin B & Choline Supplements for our children
  • Our own Mini Bus for the transport of our toddlers/pupils as many stay far from the school up to 7km – cost entry level vehicle R400’300.00This will be our starting point for 2018 and further needs and priorities will be determined during the course of the year.


Bank Details

Account Name: Zeekoegat Primary School Trust

Bank Name: First National Bank

Account Code: 622 026 605 37

Branch Code: 210 414

Account Type: Call Account

Swift Code:FIRNZAJJ (International Deposits)

Bank Address: 132 High Street, Oudtshoorn, 6620 – South Africa

 Contact Details of Trust Members

  • Vanessa Engelbrecht – Trustee & Manager at Safari Ostrich Farm

Email: safariostrich@gmail.com – Website: www.zeekoegatschoolproject.org.za

Tel: +27 (0) 44 272 7311 or Fax: +27 (0) 44 272 5896

  • Paula Potgieter – Trustee & Owner at De Zeekoe Guest House

Email: info@dezeekoe.co.za – Website: www.dezeekoe.co.za

Tel: 044 272 6721

  • Stephen Menzies – Founder – Two Oceans Tours & Trustee

Email: sam2tour@iafrica.com – Website: www.two-oceans-tours.co.za