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Our Needs

As the Zeekoegat Primary School Trust we are currently busy with the following projects:

  • We employ 2 extra Teachers to assist with improving these children’s education
  • We are supporting a Feeding Scheme in the school, that feeds 140 children (Breakfast and Lunch – for many their ONLY food of the day is at school)
  • We are supplying the school with extra Educational Material that they need
  • School Uniforms for Winter and Summer 
  • Extra Classrooms
  • Improved Playground & Sports Ground
  • Computer Lab and Software for Educational Support Programs
  • Sport & Art Facilities
  • Health Care and Supplements
  • School Bus to Transport our children to School

All these needs are of absolute importance to the future of this school and we need additional funding in order to continue helping these poor children. So please give us your support and share that we have a worthy project that needs support.

Feeding Scheme

We provide 140 children with 2 meals a day and for many children this is the only meal they’ll get. We need to boost the range and quality of the food to have a direct benefit on improving their concentration levels and overall health.

School Uniforms

With many parents struggling financially they can’t afford providing their children with school uniforms. In the Klein Karoo we have extremely hot summers & bitterly cold winters and our children need proper
clothes and shoes to protect them from the elements & ensure that they are able to focus on learning. Many children’s daily walk to school is 14km, if you don’t have shoes or you have no warm clothes and it’s cold, staying out of school is tempting.

Additional Healthcare

Testing of our children’s eyes and provision of reading glasses is much needed to avoid learning problems. Along with additional  Medical Supplements & Preventative Healthcare, can help alleviate various Malnutrition & Health deficiencies.

Computer Lab

Computers are an essential part of the working world and we can’t afford the computers, software or the facilities required. Our children need computer skills!

Sports and Extra Murals

The school has no facilities or equipment for Sport, Music & Art. We believe that these facilities will give our children healthy bodies & minds.

A School Building

We currently are doing the best we can with the Prefabricated Classes, however it’s a far cry from a basic and fair environment. These prefabricated classes are only a temporary solution, as these classes
have a limited lifespan. A dream of building a new school remains at present a far off challenge, as this requires large capital donations. 

Other Needs

There are still a few more goals that we need help with such as a better Playground and a Sports Ground. Children need to be able to play in a safe and healthy environment. Transport to and from school is also high on our priority list as it is very important to get the kids to school.

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We believe in transpancy and therefore we ensure that our financial statements are  always up to date and available for inspection. Our books are audited by Acker & Maloney Inc. Chartered Accountants (SA) and the most recent financials can be downloaded below.

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